Monday, May 3, 2010

Thumbs up for PA Senator Daylin Leach (D-17) on HB1393, The Compassionate Use Act,

According to an Examiner website post PA Senator Daylin Leach (D17) issued this statement:

"It's long past time we move beyond the misinformation and ancient wives' tales and allow people to have the medicine that will make them feel better. Medical Marijuana has been proven repeatedly to help people who are desperately ill. It is nothing more than gratuitous cruelty to deny it to them."

Here is the rest of the article. It also has some interesting video of Dr. Harold Swidler, at a hearing to explain the benefits of medical marijuana.  

Medical Marijuana To Be Introduced May 4th

I am an Independent voter, and I will never be confined to thinking about voting for any particular party line. I vote for who I hope will be the best person for the job.

I admittedly have certain pet peeves about prospective candidates. Such as mixing your religion into our politics. Keep the two fucking separate. Keep your prayers to yourself and take care of business.

That said I would be hard pressed to vote for someone with this type of ideology, however I would put prejudice aside and still possibly vote for you if you understood the compassionate consequences that would result from ending prohibition of marijuana.

I wish more politicians had the balls to say what Senator Daylin Leach said today in Pennsylvania.

Senator Daylin Leach is listening to the voice of the people he represents, and not throwing back redundant,outdated, anecdotes like so many other politicians do for the sake of playing it safe, and not pissing off their ultra conservative voters.

It's not a republican or a democrat thing, its just the right thing to do.

We do not have the same luxury in Florida though, no one running for high office at the moment is brave enough to push any sort of bill to legalize medicinal marijuana. At the rate we are going in this state we would probably be the last state in the union to ever get something passed. That really sucks big time...

Recently in my home state of Florida, a quadriplegic faces jail time for using medicinal marijuana.

 Check out this link from The St. Petersburg Times. They wrote a compelling story about this mans vital need for medicinal marijuana.

Quadriplegic Arrested for Using Medicinal Marijuana in Florida
John Haring has lived with the chronic pain since becoming a quadriplegic two decades ago. Then he found a way, he said, to ease his aching body, to lift his depression.

Now he's going to jail for it.

I really can not understand why he should be looking at going to jail, just because he is trying to do something to ease his pain.

He is going to end up on drug offender probation, and be subjected to monthly urinalysis until he completes however long his probation is. If he fails a piss test, he would end up violating his probation and more than likely going to prison.

This is just not right. I could never be a police officer if putting people like Jack Haring in jail was just "part of my job".

I expect the police to enforce laws, we need them to function in society. I just have a problem with them enforcing a law that so many people are opposed to.

On the side of my page is a link to a petition to get medicinal marijuana on the state ballot here in Florida.
I strongly encourage any Florida resident who can vote who reads this blog to click on that link and make a copy of the forms and mail them to PUFFM.

If the politicians want to drag their feet and make honest civilians criminals for possession of a plant. Then we will just have to get the signatures to pass it ourselves.

I really do not understand why at the moment they have only gotten around 10,000 signatures, but they still need almost 670,000 more to go.

We are trying really hard to get this petition approved for the ballot by 2012, and we need a lot of help to get there. So please even if you do not smoke marijuana support this endeavor anyways for people like Jack Haring, for all our elderly on chemo that need to gain weight so they can recover faster without feeling nauseous, and for other folks who are in pain and cant afford prescription pain killers.

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