Sunday, November 14, 2010

Building Cannabis Friendly Websites For Fun and Profit

Recently I read an article where people are buying up cannabis related domain names. It was about a week before the mid term elections, and many folks were very optimistic about California passing Prop 19. (including me)

I decided to see what names I could come up with, and before I knew it I ended up buying up 10 dot com addresses.

Unfortunately my web design skills need serious tweaking. I started one of them using one of those freebee web builder templates, it serves its purpose but I hope eventually I will have it more original looking.

These are the recent domain names I acquired, let me know what you think as far as it being marketable for potential advertising and sponsors.

I started focusing on the 420 Friendly Getaways one if you want to check out that link.


Here are the rest of the ones I ended up with:



Now most of those domains will be down until I can get a chance to work on them in-between everything else life throws at me at the moment.
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