Wednesday, May 30, 2012

How we won the moral majority over cannabis reform

Over the past few years, Americans have increasingly grown in numbers supporting cannabis reform. For the last couple of years it has finally gotten to the point in which the moral majority of Americans approve of cannabis reform.

How did we finally get past Reefer Madness? Our country has spent over a trillion dollars fighting the war on drugs. Much of it spent on propaganda, telling us how bad cannabis is, and yet we are looking past that now.

Seeing a majority of Americans finally speaking out fearlessly against cannabis reform gives me hope.  Politically, it is the elephant always in the room. It is a civil rights issue, and a human rights issue complexly combined. It's time has finally come to fruition.

I appreciate all the hard work cannabis activists are doing. They have worked together networking and helping folks understand that cannabis reform is not about just getting high. (Albeit, I'm okay with that too)  It is making a difference.

Politicians are no longer afraid to admit they used cannabis. Nowadays, it makes them look hip or something to the younger voters.  Politicians who were serious cannabis prohibitionists are starting to get voted out of office.

Take Texas Representative Sylvester Reyes for example, he sat in office representing west Texas for 16 years. He had twice as much campaign money as his challenger, and an endorsement from our President. Yesterday, he got knocked off the November ballot for reelection. (cya!)

His challenger, former El Paso city councilman Beto O'Rourke won the Democratic nomination for Texas' 16th congressional district with just over 50 percent of the vote. Beto O'Rourke ran his campaign primarily focused on drug reform. Unlike Representative Sylvester Reyes, who has cast a blind eye on whatever has been happening on our border, by uncompromisingly supporting the status quo regarding cannabis prohibition.

The votes are starting to come our way.

The moral majority of Americans are seeing first hand the consequences of our war on drugs. They are becoming more educated on all the real benefits that ending cannabis prohibition would bring to our country.

We are tired of seeing our veterans coming home from fighting wars, and not getting all the support they deserve to help them with disabilities and ptsd, by denying veterans access to medicinal cannabis.

We are reaching out to seniors who are a force to be reckoned with in the voting booth, People like Robert Platshorn are making a difference by promoting The Silver Tour.  Robert Platshorn is the longest serving inmate in our countries history for a cannabis charge. When he finally got released he became an influential activist who has been working hard to get petitions signed to get medicinal cannabis on the ballot. He is also touring the state of Florida educating seniors who never considered cannabis as an alternative to expensive prescriptions.

How many veterans are going to go out and risk going to jail because they deal with their issues better with the aid of cannabis? Americans who have served their country are wanting alternatives to pharmaceuticals.

 Considering the exponential rate of veterans filing for disability and the high rate of suicides, I would only hope our leaders would utilize good science over ideology and rhetoric. Our veterans deserve it, and so do all the other American citizens.

Veterans for Medical Cannabis Access Reply To Response from the Obama Administration

Americans are disappointed in our president, who had he been caught using cannabis when he was younger, he wouldn't be president today. Sure he straightened up, and quit smoking pot. I guess he realized being a black male smoking cannabis, that the odds were he would get busted eventually. Especially since the majority of the people arrested for cannabis are black males.

Since President Obama has been in office almost 3 million people have been arrested for cannabis related crimes. Mostly simple possession.

"The president, when asked why he doesn’t do something positive about medical marijuana, is quoted in Rolling Stone magazine as saying “I can’t nullify congressional law. I can’t ask the Justice Department to say, ‘Ignore completely a federal law that’s on the books."

I hate to say it, but either the President is flat out lying or he is completely ignorant of what he can do with his executive powers. Why is it that a high school drop out with a GED, understands that the president has the power to reschedule cannabis without congressional approval, but my president who is a lawyer who graduated from Harvard does not?
 I'm leaning towards lying to the American people...

It becomes blatantly obvious that the people who are against cannabis reform are the ones who stand to lose the most money. We see our elected officials constantly taking money from lobbyist representing, beer and alcohol companies, law enforcement, private prisons, pharmaceutical companies,  just to keep cannabis illegal.

Americans are seeing the DEA's  self serving desire to protect their jobs by cock blocking earnest attempts to have cannabis rescheduled so medicinal research can be done, and the tons of anecdotal evidence can finally be tested utilizing peer reviewed science.

Americans are disgusted by seeing the DEA selling guns to drug cartels, screwing whores in Bogota, Colombia, to shooting pregnant women fishing in a boat from a helicopter in the Honduras. 

So we are becoming more educated. We are seeing past all the misinformation put out there. We are starting to elect politicians who are ready to change our nations drug policies.

We are in the right, and we will prevail!
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