Thursday, October 6, 2011

Why The Dept. of Justice Needs To Clean House and Reverse it's Policy On Marijuana

The Department of Justice (DoJ) has become an entity unto itself, and when I finally saw the big picture and realized this, I have to be honest, I actually felt frightened momentarily. (I even took a break from writing for a month to sort things out.) It was a realization that their hunger for power supersedes integrity and true lawfulness.

I do not understand the logic that it is ok to sell guns to cartels, and then turn around and say that medical marijuana patients do not have the same rights as everyone else who owns a gun to protect their family.

How responsible is it for the (DoJ) to arm cartels, when tens of thousands of people a year are dying violent deaths on our borders? Without even getting consent from the Mexican government? Is their going to be accountability from within the (DoJ) and our government now to compensate any death on the border if it is found out that it was by one of the guns our government illegally sold the to cartels?

How about all the money that was made selling those guns to drug cartels in Mexico, go to the victims of the families who end up dying from them? I am sure they could use the blood money the (DoJ) got paid for them.

I wanted to understand how the (DoJ) can decidedly proliferate a justification to treating millions of Americans like second class citizens over a plant. By maintaining the position that marijuana has no medicinal benefits. Despite the fact that 16 states (so far) have recognized it's medicinal benefits, doctors, accredited scientific organizations, and thousands of years of it being used medicinally, the (DoJ) refuses to acknowledge that marijuana has any medicinal benefits.

They are standing in the way of rescheduling a plant that has so much potential, for the sake of power and greed. Most people don't know it but we are paying them billions of dollars a year to fuck us in the ass instead of doing the right thing.

Selling guns illegally to drug cartels, only proves that they are proliferating the problem instead of truly trying to fix it.

I hope others realize the potential problems we have in this side of our government. The side that is supposed to be protecting us being compromised by keeping cannabis illegal. $$$$$$$/POWER
Our own Department of Justice.

The world will not end if marijuana prohibition ended tomorrow. I would like to think if that happened they're would be new jobs, less people in prison, and many cures that can potentially be discovered for people who need it.

Whatever is motivating the (DoJ) to oppress the people they are paid to protect, I hope they realize that no matter how much we want to respect them for doing a good job, it is hard to trust them when they have such a tarnished image.

In closing my final thought is this.
If the (DoJ) is holding back on rescheduling marijuana for money and power, they should be held accountable for committing treason against the American people. What good reason do they have to stand in the way of cancer research, and new jobs in our shitty economy?

Realizing that the (DoJ) is so big and powerful an entity unto itself backed by billions of dollars, and is supposed to protect me is potentially  committing treason against the American people has really gotten me fearful.

I hope the (DoJ) would just do the right thing and just reschedule marijuana, but they sure don't have a good track record for doing the right thing lately.
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