Thursday, November 8, 2012

Election Results: Cannabis Versus President Obama 2012

I started doing a statistical tally of how President Obama did in comparison to all the cannabis initiatives that were also going on around the country.

I'll start off with legalization measures, then do states that had medical cannabis measures.


Good job!

Amendment 64 got 1,291,771 (54.8%) votes for it, and 1,064,342 (45.1%) voted against it.
In contrast President Obama received 1,238,490 (51%) votes.
That means that cannabis legalization was more popular than President Obama by 53,281 voters in the state of Colorado.


Good job!

Initiative 502 got 1,056,355 (55.44%) for it, and 848,919 (44.56%) against it.
President Obama got 1,187,256 (55.25%) of the states vote.
In Washington, President Obama got only 131,101 more votes than cannabis legalization.


Nice try!

State Ballot Measure No: 80 got 753,952 (46.29%) votes for it, and 874,945 (53.71%) voted against it.
President Obama received 907,351 votes. That's 153,399 more votes than cannabis


Good job!

Yes Medical Marijuana got 1,895,340 (63%) for it, and 1,097,797 (37%) against it.
President Obama got 1,900,575 (60.88%)  He only got 5,235 votes more than medicinal cannabis.


Damn close!

Issue 5 got 502,419 (49%) for it, and 532,419 (51%) against it. It was defeated by exactly 30,000 votes.
President Obama got 390,339 (39%) of the states votes. In Arkansas, medicinal cannabis was more popular than the President by a whooping 112,080 voters.


In total, there were 5,529,837 voters for cannabis reform, and 4,418,422 voters against cannabis reform.

The total amount of voters who voted for cannabis reform outnumbered those against it by 1,111,415 votes.

Cannabis reform got 5,529,837 total votes, and President Obama got 5,624,011 total votes in Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Massachusetts, & Arkansas .

President Obama barely beat cannabis reform by 94,174 votes



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