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Ed "NJ" Forchion Fighting for marijuana liberation: One toke at a time

I am pretty excited about getting an opportunity to interview NJ He is an outspoken activist for ending the prohibition of marijuana. Outspoken to the point where his freedom was almost taken from him on numerous occasions. Sometimes all he has had to count on was just himself, and just his wits to overcome the odds stacked against him, and still he manages to come out on top.

NJ's story is about standing up for what you believe in, what you know deep down inside is right, and doing something about it.

If you would like to learn more about his past endeavors in his fight across the country for marijuana reform. Please go to his website or better yet pick up his book "Public Enemy 420"

NJ's knowledge of the law really comes through in it, and he explains how to make us more knowledgeable in defending ourselves against prosecution by the government for marijuana offenses. 

NJ explains in great detail on how to use an open advocation of JURY NULLIFICATION as a defense. A strategy that was similarly carried out in courts during the end of alcohol prohibition.

NJ's book is a useful tool and guide to being better informed, and knowing that there is something you can do about it.

NJ, is currently very active in the marijuana freedom movement. Lately he has been operating a medical marijuana dispensary in Hollywood, California, called Liberty Bell Temple, to fighting a legal battle for possession on the other side of the country in New Jersey. Considering his past endeavors in dealing with the system in New Jersey, using JURY NULLIFICATION, I'm sure he will come out on top this time too.

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Okay, so now I'd like to get this interview rolling, (pardon the pun) and ask NJ some questions.

(KB) Could you tell me a little back ground information of how Liberty Bell Temple came about?

(NJ The Liberty Bell Temple is located at 5642 Hollywood, blvd., Hollywood Ca. I opened LBT in August 2008, naming it after a series of protest I did in Philadelphia at the Liberty Bell in 2003-04. 

It is the only Rastafarian Temple in Los Angeles, we are registered with the state as a “church/temple” and openly provide marijuana in compliance with prop 215 rules. We also provide marijuana to spiritual users.

The Freedom of Religion and Restoration Act of 1993 allows for the religious use of marijuana. Our temple is a religious facility and we provide marijuana to those who wish to use it.

(KB)  I was drooling a lot over some of the goodies you folks have at Liberty Bell Temple. From your fine selection of cannabis, to all the other different edible items. It is almost impossible for me living in Florida to imagine the freedom it must feel like to not have the weight on your shoulders of constantly looking over your back and getting busted. (Paranoia is such a buzz kill)

Could you describe what it is like for people in California to have the ability to enjoy marijuana without prejudice or harassment?

(NJ It feels like FREEDOM to me, besides my use of marijuana I’m a pretty law abiding citizen. I don’t hurt anyone, never bother into other people’s lives and only wish to live and let live. Most of the time I have marijuana on me, like a tobacco addict has cigarettes on him. In a state like New Jersey the POLICE are always on a witch hunt for people like me. Just to leave my house, to drive on the highway or be in public is taking a risk on going to prison. The site of me may result in me in handcuffs in New Jersey. Not so in California. In California I don’t hide myself from the police and I carry my doctors note on me and don’t worry about the police.

(KB) If seems kind of strange how you can go from one state to another which has medicinal marijuana on the books, and laws could be so different, even contradictory. Do other states that have medicinal marijuana laws recognize cannabis prescriptions as valid from a different state?

(NJ NO – as far as I know none of them respect each others marijuana laws.

(KB) Or do you have to get authorization from a Dr. in that state? (If so that's stupid)

(NJ Weedman) Yup, you get it. The laws are just stupid.

(KB) If I had a prescription of percocet, I could go to any other state and not have to worry about getting another prescription from a Dr,. matter of fact, I could see someone getting into trouble for doing that. It would be like Dr. hopping, but when your dealing with cannabis and the different state laws the legality seems a little fuzzy to me.

If you come from a state that legalizes medicinal cannabis, and you go to another state that has legalized it, they should respect the validity of your prescription and not get arrested.

(NJ They should but they don’t. Ive detailed my opposition to New Jersey’s medical marijuana bill here:

(KB) In your situation in New Jersey, it seems like this kind of logic should apply and be worked out. Are you hoping to accomplish this with your case?

(NJ I hope that becomes a legal issue but Im hoping for a jury nullification verdict. I’m openly going to challenge my Jury to render a verdict inspite of the law. The law is wrong, based on lies and false facts. I wish to tell my jurors the truth about marijuana. I want to tell the jury that this law I’m charged with violating is wrong not I. The New Jersey Constitution specifically gives the jurors in criminal prosecutions the right to Judge the law as well as the facts. --- NJ Constitution ARTICLE I paragraph (6) -In all prosecutions …………, the truth may be given in evidence to the jury; ………. and the jury shall have the right to determine the law and the fact.

This is all I want to tell my jury the truth it is the Government and our politicians that lie about marijuana.

Hopefully more folks will become aware of how viable JURY NULLIFICATION can be in defending ourselves against marijuana prohibition laws.

 If you would like to purchase NJ's book "Public Enemy 420" then click on this link.

NJ Weedman's Public Enemy 420

Thanks NJ for taking the time for this interview. I wish you the best of luck with your case in New Jersey. Hopefully soon other folks wont have to go through what you have in the name of marijuana reform. In the meantime we need everyone to stand up and correct this unjust law, not just the few.


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