Sunday, July 20, 2014

Will Cannabis Consumers Flock To Alaska? We Find Out In November.

November is possibly going to be very historic once again in the cannabis reform movement. Alaska has officially put their hat in the ring for full on cannabis legalization. I can imagine their are a lot of happy Alaskans up there, just getting it on the ballot.  Congratulations Alaskans! Now vote it in! California tried unsuccessfully to legalize cannabis during a midterm election. Maybe Alaska will break the midterm cycle of bad luck.

I remember years ago when I lived up there, I was listening to the radio one day and a guy called into the radio station complaining about cannabis being illegal. The DJ quickly retorted "If you stoners hadn't of gotten high and forgot to vote, it would be legal right now!" It kinda stuck in my mind that if we want change we are going to have to vote it in. Because we cannot count on our politicians it seems like to do anything.

The cannabis economy will flourish up there since they would have direct access to another cannabis friendly state, Washington. I can already see the ferry's bringing down some Alaskan Thunder Fuck. Which happens to be a nice uplifting sativa by the way. They probably prefer something uplifting up there, especially on those long nights.

There are a lot of things to see and do in Alaska, with cannabis it would be so much better.

Here are a few good suggestions if you are lucky enough to get up that way.

First off, I would strongly recommend Chena Hot Springs. It is about 60 miles NE of Fairbanks, AK.  Just imagine what it would be like smoking a joint in a hot springs bordering the arctic circle. Surrounded by mountains, and clear starry skies dancing with the aurora borealis!

Chena Hot Springs Website

I wouldn't recommend getting high before you attempt this, but if you can manage to stash something and keep it dry, you might be ready to burn one after the ride!

White water rafting, Denali National Park

Getting high and fishing is always one of my favorite activities. If you like fishing, well up in Alaska, you might end up with lots of folks who like to fish just as much as you do. Ever heard of combat fishing? It's where you have a bunch of fisherman in the same area fishing over each other. If you had a  doobie you might not mind it so bad when your line gets tangled from some overzealous fisherman next to you.

Hopefully our Alaskan brothers and sisters will vote for legalizing cannabis in November.  Until then keep having those green dreams!

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