Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Don't take Pictures of Your Marijuana Crop With A Cell Phone!

Imagine, if you will. You worked hard all summer long toting water to your cannabis plants. Traveling way into the woods, you know, OPP (other peoples property.)  One day you look at one of your plants, and you decide to take a picture of it. A little time goes by. Hell, you probably done smoked it by now, and you decide to share the picture online.

Next year comes, everything seems cool, you're getting ready to harvest your plants, and Bam! Out of nowhere you got a SWAT team surrounding you with guns in your face!

How did they figure out where to find your cannabis plants and bust you? You might be pondering. Well, that picture of that sweet cannabis plant you took a picture of a year before, it had a location code written into the picture, and all the police had to do is read it and find out where your crop was using global positioning.

This scenario can happen. So, be warned, and be careful what pictures you take with a smartphone. When you're heading to the crop, just don't take your phone with you.

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