Thursday, August 11, 2011

Marijuana Legalization "It's the economy stupid"

Quick wiki reference of the origination of the term:

"It's the economy, stupid" was a phrase in American politics widely used during Bill Clinton's successful 1992 presidential campaign against George H. W. Bush. For a time, Bush was considered unbeatable because of foreign policy developments such as the end of the Cold War and the Persian Gulf War. The phrase, made popular by Clinton campaign strategist James Carville, refers to the notion that Clinton was a better choice because Bush had not adequately addressed the economy, which had recently undergone a recession.

Marijuana Legalization "It's the economy stupid" Should be what politicians need to be hearing during these tough financial times. I am not saying it would fix the problem completely, but considering cannabis/hemp is such a valuable commodity, it should finally get its proper respect and be treated like it is, only legally.

How much money could our country generate by cannabis/hemp being legal is beyond my pay grade. I can just imagine if farmers were left alone to grow in peace, patients could get what they want for their body. There would be new companies making oils, fabrics, food, construction, fabrication, pharmaceuticals, etc. Gee that kinda sounds like a lot of new jobs to me. (Looks around).....

What is it going to take to get the people in office to realize they are hurting our country by ignoring cannabis/hemp during these tough times. I can almost hear our first president, George Washington, screaming from within his sacred tomb. It was there for us when we needed it in the past, and our country would be better off if we did it again.

I have given up on politicians empty promises. The Democrats have basically maintained the status quo on marijuana prohibition, I'm a liberal, so I would rather chew off my fingers than vote for a Republican. So my vote is essentially useless in the distant future. I think the only way to finally get this resolved once and for all is in the courts.

That's why I am working so hard to make a difference. Once I learned how science can be utilized in a court of law to potentially get marijuana possession charges dismissed instead of taking a plea deal, I made it a personal mission to educate as many people who are willing to listen as I possibly can, and not only that provide the resources, expert witnesses, and lawyers, to back it up.

I was fortunate in the fact that I have had the opportunity to learn about the science aspect more indepth than a couple of the best people in the field of forensic identification, and testing procedures. Dr. Fred Whitehurst, and John Kelly.

Without their input and insight I would of never made Beat Marijuana

Once people quit taking the plea deal, and the court costs start going up, because people take them to task of proving the evidence. It no longer becomes such an easy mark for money, for coffers in the law enforcement/prison industry.

 I'd rather my money went to Joe the Farmer.

Marijuana Legalization, It's the economy stupid.

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