Friday, September 3, 2010

Santa Muerte: Cult of Crisis Part II

Evidence of humans being sacrificed for Santa Muerte.

Marcelo Antelo, 22, aka “Marcelito,” was detained after a shooting with police officers in the Bajo Flores neighborhood. He promised the Santa Muerte, a sacred figure venerated in Latin America, that he will kill one person per week in exchange of protection and prosperity, the El Clarin newspaper reported.

“One witness gave us the details of the pact (of the prisoner) with San La Muerte,” a police spokesman told the media, admitting that even more murders could have been committed by Marcelito.

“We’re studying a total of about 10 cases and trying to unify the investigations to work better. In some cases we have already obtained positive photographic recognition,” a police official told the daily Clarin.

Cops began tracking Marcelito last February, and finally caught up with him this weekend during an operation in which he tried to resist capture with gunfire.

Since he was captured by police in a gunfight, it appears this time, the Saint of Death wasn't appeased by the offering.

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