Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Putting "Pot" In Potential POTUS

First off I would like to give the Veterans Administration (VA) credit for recognizing the voice of the veterans by allowing them to receive their veteran benefits and medical marijuana in approved states.

This is one of the first positive steps I have seen from the Federal Government, since last year when the POTUS had the DEA back of medical marijuana dispensary's, and honoring states rights.

If the Federal Government through the VA, can give referrals for medical marijuana and veteran patients will be able to receive them. This is such a big big step in the right direction. It has not gone unnoticed and appreciated by many.

Hopefully, the negative propaganda campaigns against cannabis can finally be put in the past, and people will be more open without fear of persecution for supporting rescheduling cannabis from a schedule 1 substance to a schedule 2 substance.

It really should just come to a point during re-election/election time to put the candidates on the spot and make them swear to change the scheduling of cannabis. Tell them if you are supposed to care for the people you represent then they need to hear what we are saying. Millions of people everywhere would benefit from this intensely humane gesture.

Look if cannabis really was as bad as the government has claimed, I would not smoke it. Since I have tried it, I guess you could say I know better. Actually being aware of how unjust cannabis prohibition is, has been quite disconcerting at times.

I cant Google Juarez on their news and not see some sort of article regarding another execution style killing from a drug gang.

Millions of Americans arrested for cannabis annually.

Over a trillion in tax dollars spent fighting against cannabis.

Next election, be it in 2010, or in 2012, confront the candidates and find out if they are cannabis friendly or not. They want your vote, make them earn it.


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