Saturday, March 27, 2010

I get a lot of hits for Gonzo, China

So yeah, I check my Feedjit once in awhile and I was surprised by the amount of hits I got from people looking for information on someplace called Gonzo, China.

To be honest up until I made my blog "Wag the Gonzo" I never heard of it. I figured I might as well do some research on the place, and if someone wanted to come here and find out something about it, they can find something now.

Okay so one of the first things that I found out is if you are looking for information on Gonzo, China, you might want to start by learning how to friggin spell it correctly! It's spelled Guangzhou not Gonzo. Now when you search it on Google you wont get inundated with pictures or links to Hunter S Thompson. Not that it is a bad thing, but I just don't think that's what you really wanted.

Well after going to Wikipedia, I learned a whole bunch of shit about the place. Rather than ripping off that site I thought I would provide a link here instead.

Guangzhou Wiki Link

                          It looks like a nice place to go if you enjoy big cities.

Well I hope this helped you on your way there. Glad I could be of assistance. If you make it over there and had a good time send me a picture. (Preferably of Chinese girls topless in the Red Light District) My girlfriend might get pissed though, so I'll just keep it between us.


Thank you for taking the time to post your opinion. I hope you enjoyed visiting Wag The Gonzo!

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